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An amazing story of an entrepreneur who sold his company for $281 million.

A lot goes into achieving such a success, but the things that standout in this success story are:

#Innovation (getting category disruptive packaging inspiration from another category).

#Feedback from consumers (Farmers market).

#Retail expansion (from local to national).

#Caring for his team and the community.

#Hard-work which at times seemed overwhelming.

And as Justin himself  says, a big dose of good luck. A delightfully humble person, and an inspiration to up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Enjoy in this short video.


One thought on “An amazing story of an entrepreneur

  1. Pleased to see Justin give credit to his team and the community. It takes a village to grow a startup to success including employees, consultants, vendors, early adopters among others.

    Truly an inspirational story. Thanks for sharing.

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