• Omicus is becoming a uniquely powerful combination of consumer-packaged goods professionals and investors working together on unlocking profitable growth for SMBs (small and midsize businesses).   

  • Working together with the founders/CEOs and the existing teams, we seek to significantly impact revenue, gross margin and overall profitability by focusing on commercial areas [commercial finance, sales, distribution expansion, online sales,  marketing, new product development, supply chain, people,  and international expansion]. 

  • Omicus talent bench and flexibility of commercial model ensures that SMBs get, and can afford, the required leadership talent. 

Inadequate leadership talent limiting business?

SMBs are often unable to attract and afford the required senior-level talent, whether needed for interim or longer term.

Stretched founders/CEOs working in and not on the business?

In the absence of the right senior-level talent to share the work, many founders/CEOs are unreasonably stretched, resulting in serious work-life balance issues.

Business not delivering to potential?

Business results get compromised with capability gaps in the leadership bench, or with a highly stretched leadership.