Omicus – Range of Services:

Omicus takes care of your international business expansion and management. We work across industries and categories. Our range of services fall in three broad buckets, with flexibility within each given the specific business situation:


  1. Advisory: Advisory service for specific countries. Currently the focus countries for this service are India, US, Mexico. This service is ideally suited for you if you already have a team looking after business in the country and are looking for expert advice or a second opinion for driving accelerated growth, or on anything related to your business there. This service is provided directly by our CEO,
  1. Fractional: Taking charge of your entire international business as a fractional international business head. This service is provided directly by our CEO.
  1. Expansive: Work as your local team in countries and international team at the center. This is ideally suited if you do not have a resourced-enough international team at the center, or do not have any feet on the ground in countries (It’s worth noting that howsoever strong your distributor is, having a local team makes a significant difference. We become your local shared team in countries).

What does Expansive Service Cover:

Under ‘Expansive’ service, Omicus leads sustainable and accelerated international expansion through brand-building and impactful execution. We don’t just advise, we execute. We do the hard work of building your brands and driving sales in international markets, through nurturing brands and partners [distributors/retailers/marketing agencies]. We are your local team in the countries, and your supplement team at the center.


Lack of teams hurting international expansion?

International expansion is a missed opportunity without adequate support.

Business in distributor countries stagnating?

Left inadequately attended, most distributor markets do not deliver close to potential.

Market-share flat in international market?

Brands require active and capable nurturing for market-share growth.