• Omicus is a boutique firm powered by highly experienced consumer-packaged goods (CPG) professionals working/investing together on realizing business potential for SMBs (small and midsize businesses). Together with the founders/CEOs and the existing teams, we seek to significantly impact revenue, gross margin, and overall profitability by focusing on general management areas needing intervention [commercial finance, sales, marketing, product development, supply chain, and international expansion]. We work with companies which have gaps in their leadership bench, or founders looking for a seasoned partner for supplementing general management inputs required for running the business or while they are neck-deep in external facing work like seeking additional investment. 


  • We also work with larger CPG companies on special strategic projects or to provide interim leadership. Driving international expansion is a core area of our focus with larger CPG companies. We take on the responsibility of being their outsourced international team for specific markets, including the US market for international companies. 


  • We have extensive hands-on experience (not just career consultants) in large and small CPG companies and understand the critical drivers for each.


  • Omicus focus is on being better, not bigger. Our personalized attention to the businesses we work with, along with our non-sugarcoating leadership, results in significantly improved business financial results.


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Gaps in Leadership Bench Hurting Business?

It is remarkable how much of a profit kicker an organization gets from strengthening the leadership bench with the right talent, whether for short, medium or long term. In most cases the resulting incremental profits go way above the cost of the talent over time.

Unreasonably Stretched Founders/CEOs?

In the absence of the right senior-level talent to share the work, many founders/CEOs are unreasonably stretched, resulting in sub-optimal business results and/or serious work-life balance issues.

International - A Missed Opportunity

International business remains an unrealized opportunity for most mid-sized organizations, while for many others it remains a partially explored opportunity as many markets are either not entered into, or left unattended. Merely appointing a distributor does not usually work as both, brands and partners, require nurturing.