Omicus enables you to optimally expand into international markets through brand-building without your own team on the ground, or without adequate international team at the center. As your trusted partner for international expansion, Omicus is your expert and experienced team at the center and on the ground in countries.

Omicus partners with manufacturers worldwide to help them effectively leverage the potential of international expansion.


Opening international markets and building brands is a huge opportunity for many consumer product companies worldwide.

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Many companies struggle with international expansion. They do not have the capacity to staff exports and local teams, and just appointing a distributor is not good enough to get growth to its potential.

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Omicus bridges the need gap and works with a 360-degree scope to build brands and drive business to its potential in international markets. Omicus moves beyond just advising to doing the hard work of brand-building and driving sales in international markets.

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Your Concerns – Omicus Solution

Omicus is your solution to address concerns about …

The huge expense of establishing a cross-functional team at the center and on the ground, in multiple international markets, and establishing legal entities in various countries.

Leaving the markets inadequately attended exposing your brands to unsatisfactory business results, often damaging brand value and making it even harder to establish the brand in the future.

Not being in a market and missing out on the opportunities that international expansion presents, while running the risk of being overly dependent for growth in your home market.