Omicus enables small and midsize businesses to attract and afford the much needed senior-level talent which can handle complex roles such as those of CEO, COO, Commercial Head, Sales Head, Marketing Head, International Business Head, Head of Business of USA, Supply Chain Head..


Most SMBs have a big opportunity to drive a productive kicker to deliver business to potential in local and international markets.

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The challenge they face is in attracting and affording the required senior-level talent, to assist and share leadership work with the founder/CEO, and to strengthen the leadership bench by bringing in complementary capabilities.

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Omicus bridges the need gap and provides senior level talent at flexible commercial terms, which offer a win-win proposition.

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Your Concerns – Omicus Solution

Omicus is your solution to address concerns about …

Highly stretched leadership, neck deep in day-to-day running of the business, unable to focus on longer term strategic initiatives. Business unable to grow to potential.

Missing capabilities in existing leadership bench, resulting in missed opportunity of growing profitably to potential.

Among others, a key concern for most SMBs is the inability to leverage opportunities in international markets. Products which have a potential to scale international markets, but the company lacks capability to do it effectively and efficiently.