Omicus empowers small and midsize businesses through a seasoned professional with robust leadership experience in both large and small companies, spanning diverse categories and trade landscapes. With clear conceptual insights and unwavering integrity, critical roles, including CEO,COO and functional leadership roles in Commercial, Sales, Marketing, International Business, US Business , and Supply Chain are supplemented.


Tailored to the business’s specific needs, this support is flexible in duration – whether short, medium, or long-term. The engagement can take various forms, including fractional roles, special projects, or advisory services. 




Many small and medium-sized businesses recognize a significant opportunity to elevate business results and drive business closer to potential, by bridging capability and/or capacity gaps in their leadership bench.

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The challenge lies in attracting and securing reliable and right senior-level talent, capable of collaborating with the the founder/CEO/C-Suite to share leadership responsibilities and fortify the leadership bench by introducing supplemental capability and/or capacity.

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Omicus Solution

Our approach involves an experienced senior level professional with practical operational knowhow in both large and small companies, extending beyond typical career consultant roles. This professional effectively bridges the capability/capacity gap for as much or as little as needed.

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Your Concerns – Omicus Solution

Omicus is your solution to address concerns about …

Highly stretched leadership, neck deep in day-to-day running of the business, unable to focus on longer term strategic initiatives. Business unable to grow to potential.

Missing capabilities in existing leadership bench, resulting in missed opportunity of growing profitably to potential.

Inability to attract strong leadership talent with general management experience to handle multiple areas of the business.