What We Do


  • Advise on international expansion
  • Plus
  • Appoint distributors and other partners
  • Plus
  • Build-brands by driving operations locally and centrally
  • Plus

Omicus covers the ground completely. We don’t just advise on what to do, we appoint distributors, and also manage and consistently grow your brands and business in international markets.

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360 Degree Scope

The table below provides more details on our 360-degree scope of the work. Omicus leads and coordinates all this work on your behalf, saving you the complexity of engaging with multiple agencies in a country. You may choose to handle some of this work on your own in any country, but we are geared to handle all the work on your behalf so that nothing comes in the way of your intent to expand and build your brands in international markets.

Our capabilities are aligned to our motto of going beyond advising our clients. We work towards making sales happen. We do not leave PowerPoint presentations with you, expecting you to execute on your own. We execute on your behalf.

CORE SERVICES Corporate Exports Right Development and implementation of overall exports strategy for the client.
Country Management Right Development and execution of country P&L and business plans.
Sales Right Identification and appointment of distributor(s), development and implementation of short/medium/long term plans, retailer engagement, in-store execution, information systems for KPIs, sales targets.
Marketing Right Category assessment, identification and appointment of marketing agency, brand positioning, consumer value proposition, consumer communication, short/medium term marketing plans, marketing spends.
Support Services Regulatory Right Identification and appointment of regulatory/GTC agency, regulatory compliance.
Legal Right Drafting legal contracts, coordination with client legal team and country legal counsel.
Product Supply Right Product supply coordination with client’s product-supply organization and distribution for logistics quality and related work.

How We Do It

We follow a four-step systematic process to ensure that your business is geared for success in a country. Please click on Read More to understand the process better.
  • Understand

    We start by understanding your business situation, goals, aspirations and strategy.

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  • Strategize

    We develop an overall exports strategy for your business.

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  • Set-up & Launch

    We lead all the set-up work required to initiate your business in a country.

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  • Manage Operations

    We coordinate the launch in the country and manage operations post launch on your behalf.

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